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The Dog House (PG Taverns)

Who’d want to be sent to the dog house? Well, when the dog house in question is a classic British boozer serving hearty pies and good ale, the experience promises to be pure pleasure, not punishment. Home to Hero, the English bulldog, this Edinburgh pub espouses the values and passions – read: alcohol – off all archetypal Brits. Hero is a real live dog, it should be noted, not a porcelain pooch. If you’re looking for a quiet pint in a pub more akin to a library reading room, there may be other establishments more suited to your proclivities. For everyone else though, The Dog House is a rowdy, good-natured ball of fun, a place where everyone is welcome and no one is a stranger. The slew of five-star reviews to be found on The Dog House’s Facebook page give a good indicator of what you can expect, with high praise reserved for the friendly staff in particular and for its resident bulldog, who rightfully rules the roost. There’s another reason why drinkers are quick to make a beeline for the Clerk Street establishment and slow to leave – the music. A stirring soundtrack ensures there’s always something to nod along to and your favourite tune is never more than a few tracks away. A popular open mic night also gives the city’s musicians and wordsmiths a chance to shine. Beer-wise, expect a good selection of lagers and ales, with the likes of Three Hop and Caledonian XPA going down a treat. On weekends, the cocktail menu also sees some serious action, keeping the bartenders shaking and stirring till last orders are called. Food is an integral part of the bar’s success too; it’s simple, unpretentious fare, but cooked to perfection using quality ingredients. An excellent sirloin steak sandwich is just one of the highlights to look out for at The Dog House, where pets are as welcome as their owners.

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18 - 24 Clerk Street


0131 629 0275



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Latest Reviews & Comments

Amazing wee bar, dog friendly and great staff! Absolutely loved it in here, after walking past it for ages, wish I had gone in sooner.

- Brianna M - 15-01-2020

Eight of us met here after work before heading to a local eating place. Had never visited The Dog House before and have to say a very interesting and quirky pub. There is certainly a lot going on with music playing, an old film on the large TV, plenty on the walls to read and a dog wandering around the bar. Looking around the bar there was a mixed crowd from after workers to trendy twenty somethings. I enjoyed meeting here for a drink before going on somewhere else but not sure it is somewhere I personally would go out my way to visit. It does fit the young and student vibe of Clerk St and the surrounding area. If you are in the area is worth visiting and forming your own opinion as I think it will appeal to some and not to others. They serve a very good pint of Caledonian Rare Red Ale.

- Paul C - 15-07-2018

This bar is fantastically weird. You will feel at home here and can enjoy good beer, eat wings, and pet the resident dog. They also have a good open mic night on a Friday.

- Jason Eber - 12-02-2017

Nice place, cool decor. Not bad for a cocktail if you\'re into that sort of thing.

- Alex Langley - 18-05-2016