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AXM Nightclub

During the last ten years, AXM has built a huge reputation for being a quality, friendly, clean, fun and attitude free environment, so much so that we have won several top drawer awards including most recently the Boyz Magazine 'Best Bar For North England 2012', 'Best Bar None' two years running, 'Best Gay Venue in club', 'Best Bar Northwest' and 3rd 'Best in the UK'.

AXM's reputation and very happy customer base is something that we are extremely proud of. Our philosophy is simple... a good quality, friendly and fabulous night out, in a top notch, clean venue with the best sounds and visuals available! More importantly, a safe night out.

Yes AXM is a gay company, and we are damn proud of that! But we don't give a monkeys about your sexuality, personal preferences, race, creed or what fashion label you're wearing! All we absolutely demand is that you respect our venue and you respect our customers. Homophobic or anti-social behaviour of any type will NOT be tolerated.

So, if you're after a fun, friendly, fantastic value for money night out with no dramas or hassles then AXM is definately your place to be!

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80 Glassford St

G1 1UR

0141 552 5761



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I preferred this place when it was Bennets. The DJ woukd actually put on what customers wanted and not what they wanted. Think priced have went up also..

- Iain Girvan - 13-07-2017