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Scotch Whisky Experience

You don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy The Scotch Whisky Experience: all you need is an appreciation for Scotland’s national drink and a desire to learn more. For over a quarter of a century, The Scotch Whisky Experience has enthralled and educated visitors to the capital, furnishing them with the knowledge – plus the taste – of what makes Scottish whisky so great. The five-star visitor attraction forms a shrine to Scottish whisky, one that provides whisky tastings, a one-day whisky school and offers venue hire for private events. It all starts with the tour though, one that promises to take visitors through a virtual distillery where they’ll gain an insight into what makes a wonderful whisky and how every element of the process, from the choice of spring water to the choice of cask, feeds into that flavour and aroma. The Silver Tour lasts 50 minutes and allows visitors to become whisky experts in under an hour, with expert guides on hand to answer questions as the tour progresses. The Gold Tour delves deeper, culminating in the opportunity to sample four fine regional malts in the McIntyre Gallery. Your options don’t end there however for The Scotch Whisky Experience is about more than just whisky. The Platinum Tour is a luxurious evening event, while The Taste of Scotland pairs Scottish whisky with excellent Scottish cuisine served in the award-winning Amber restaurant. For serious connoisseurs, there’s a chance to take your knowledge of whisky to another level by embarking upon an in-depth tour that will hone your skill-set. There’s no obligation to take a tour each time you fancy a dram incidentally; just rock up at Amber restaurant and whisky bar where locally sourced dishes can be savoured accompanied by a fine single malt or two in a sophisticated setting.

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Great little visit in February just before the virus madness began. Reasonable entrance price and quite a collection of whisky to see! Staff were friendly and very helpful. Glad we went.

- Ben A - 06-04-2020

If you're the slightest bit interested in whisky, i'd recommend taking this tour. It was really interesting and you get to do some whiskey tasting at the end. Not to mention you get to see the worlds largest collection of unopened bottles of whisky. Kids get a discount but don't bring them.

- Matt C - 02-10-2017