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Known as the Titanic’s ‘little sister’, the SS Nomadic is the last remaining White Star Line ship in existence. Having been fully restored, the beautiful vessel now sits in Belfast’s historic Hamilton Dock, giving visitors the chance to behold its jaw-dropping splendour up close. Showcasing over a century of authentic maritime history, the vessel – which was designed by Thomas Andrews and built to the same design as its illfated sibling – is just a stone’s throw from the popular Titanic Belfast museum. Having once conveyed 142 passengers from Cherbourg Port to join Titanic on her maiden voyage, SS Nomadic now serves as one of Belfast’s primary tourist attractions. It’s never been easier to follow in the footsteps of Titanic’s wealthy first-class passengers. Along the way you’ll be stunned by the opulence of the original furnishings, as well as the quality of the architecture. You’ll also more learn about the Nomadic’s intriguing history, from its period of active service in two world wars to its guise as a restaurant and party venue when moored beside the Eiffel Tower. Furthermore, there’s an opportunity to view on-board exhibitions of life in the city during the Titanic era. Ran by enthusiastic guides and offering good value for money, it makes for an enjoyable and interactive way to learn more about this storied era.

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Very interesting and informative. The staff were absolutely lovely. My son got his certificate for finding all the characters around the ship which kept him entertained!

- Paige M - 14-04-2018

Awesome ship straight from history! She's been through a lot but now in the best hands back home with brilliant, friendly, knowledgeable & engaging staff members, predominantly Gayle, who care a lot for the Nomadic. Brilliant to get close to its sister Titanic with the similar furnishings. True piece of history located right in the heart of Belfast, ticket fare included with Titanic Belfast which ties the visit up nicely!

- Tom Wilds - 07-11-2016