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In 2000, with little fanfare, John Campbell founded The Entertainment Guide.

Back then, his goal was a simple one: to help Scotland's visitors get the most out of their excursion. From the business traveller alighting in a new city to the tourist taking their maiden steps on foreign soil, The Entertainment Guide fulfilled an essential role. Anyone who's found themselves in an unfamiliar town will understand the dilemmas faced. Where to eat? Where to stay? What to see and do?


  • The Entertainment Guide prided itself on getting to the heart of the matter, dispensing practical advice and opening its readers' eyes to the wealth of great attractions, restaurants, hotels and bars that would otherwise have passed them by. The first edition of the guide filled a glaring gap in the market, and unsurprisingly spawned a slew of imitators, most of which have since fallen by the wayside.

  • The number of local businesses to have featured in The Entertainment Guide over the years is exhaustive (3,500 and counting), and yet it is more than merely a directory. John Campbell's vision was - and still is - to champion businesses that are the best in class. Firms that go the extra mile to deliver great customer service, be it crafting exquisite artisan goods or creating the sort of food that will see visitors return again and again.

  • From its base in Central Scotland, The Entertainment Guide has grown into a respected national publication that now serves many cities nationwide. Trademarked and accredited by numerous tourism agencies and travel organisations, it's the real deal: free, informative and packed from cover to cover with up-to-date advice and invaluable local knowledge.

Our Services

Professional Advisors

  • Our telesales department are all experienced and professional advisors. They handle interactions with our existing customers, from advertising renewals to listings updates, both online and in the printed guides. The team also reach out to new customers, explaining the benefits of being listed in The Entertainment Guide and providing many varied advertising packages to suit all budgets.

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Experienced Design

  • Our design department are responsible for most of the advertising material created for our advertisers and also the design and layout of the guides themselves. Under the banner of CPP Design, our experienced designers also undertake external projects for our clients in many wide ranging formats; from business stationery, flyers and logo design, to large format advertising and signage, banner stands, vehicle livery and much more.

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The first edition of the guide, at the turn of the 21st century, was published as a distinctive A5 glossy bound book, a format that has been retained to this day. Subsequent editions have been vastly expanded, with shops, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, visitor centres, transport, museums and art galleries all represented. The current guide design now has a distinctive yellow cover and is referred to as 'The Wee Yellow Book'.

Since the maiden edition of the guide left the printing press, the world has changed too, with many people now electing to get their information online. To reflect changing tastes and keep pace with evolving technology, The Entertainment Guide's print edition is complemented by a web-based portal and vibrant social media presence. This allows customers to discover the site's recommendations on tablet, smartphone and laptop and to avail themselves of an array of special offers and other deals.

Updated annually, The Entertainment Guide is the product of an intense research and production schedule. The project is coordinated by a vastly experienced team which includes journalists, designers, sales teams and web developers, many of whom work directly out of the company's head office in Central Scotland. From identifying best-in-class businesses to crafting editorial copy and sourcing high quality images, every last element of every last page is fine-tuned, cross-checked and proofed. Quality is paramount and reputation is everything. We'd rather take our time and get things right than rush out an edition that fails to meet the meticulously high standards we've set ourselves.

Most of the businesses who appear in the guide have worked with us for many years. We have a number of exciting developments in the pipeline which will benefit our loyal readers and customers alike. From outdoor advertising and mobile units to promotional taxis, the coming years will see The Entertainment Guide broaden its remit and continue to grow, whilst staying true to the values that were enshrined in the maiden edition. Since 2000 it has been a blast, but the best is yet to come. We hope you'll join us on the exciting journey that awaits.