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Aberdeen Maritime Museum

Aberdeen Maritime Museum tells the story of the city's long relationship with the Sea. This award-winning museum is located on the historic Shiprow and incorporates Provost Ross's House, which was built in 1593. The Maritime Museum houses a unique collection covering shipbuilding, fast sailing ships, fishing and port history. It is also the only place in the UK where you can see displays on the North Sea oil and gas industry. Aberdeen Maritime Museum offers visitors a spectacular viewpoint over the busy harbour.

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What a gem! Firstly, it was free, donations accepted. We took the lift to the top floor and worked our way around the museum and down the circular stairs! Learning about the very interesting history of Aberdeen, from fishing port to oil over the centuries, with many interactive features.

- Jacqui C - 17-03-2024

It's a great museum, and it provides a very detailed exhibition of all the way back to the time when Aberdeen was a small town that thrived on herring fishing to the modern times where oil rigs dominate the sea. The museum is a compound of what used to be two separate buildings, a church, a Victorian house, and a modern glass-pane section linking the two buildings. In the center of the modern section is an awesome ten-meter tall model of an oil rig with spectacular details built into it, which in fact the museum informed me is 33 times smaller than the actual version. Another display item which I found cool was an actual ROV (something like a unmanned submarine that works around the oil rigs) that was displayed inside a water tank, and what was so amazing was that the people could remote control it. There were other just as marvelous exhibitions, so I would definitely recommend for you to just pay a visit to the museum, even for just a bit.

- Shinya Ishigami - 12-08-2015