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Fratelli Sarti - Bath Street

Not only does Glasgow have a sizeable Italian community, but it’s got an even larger community who live for Italian food. Whatever your heritage, odds are you’re partial to a thin and crispy pizza loaded with all your favourite toppings or pasta served with a generous dollop of homemade pesto. You’ll find that and much more at FratelliSarti, a string of restaurants whose food is about as authentic as it gets. With a trio of eateries to choose from, located on Wellington Street, Bath Street and Renfield Street, it’s simply a case of picking the one that’s closest and booking a table. Next comes the hard part – waiting for the appointed hour to roll around – before the fun part arrives, and you can finally see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Founded in the early 90s by brothers Sandro and PieroSarti, FratelliSarti has gone from strength to strength. Wellington Street was the location of the first restaurant, with the other two sites following afterward due to popular demand. The three restaurants do a steady lunch trade, with city professionals prone to popping in for linguine rosa, porchettamagica and cozzesarti (steamed mussels with white wine and lemon) when their schedule permits. By nightfall, the a la carte menu gives Sarti’s chefs a chance to really show what they’re capable of. Pork and veal feature prominently on the menu including scaloppine di maiale al marsala and fegatoallaVeneziana, which is calf’s liver pan fried with onions. Forget the faux Italian food served up by chain restaurants: Sarti gives you the realness, served with a smile and washed down with the finest Italian wine from the motherland. Three restaurants. One unforgettable dining experience. Glaswegians who love their Italian food love FratelliSarti.

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121 Bath Street

G2 2SZ

0141 204 0440



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Been getting home deliveries for a few weeks now and can't praise the food enough. Pasta is amazing, sauces are delicious, Lasagne second to none. Went for £45 butcher pack this week and the steaks were absolutely delicious. Can't wait for this week's delivery!

- Jane Henderson - 05-05-2020

Dinner here was wonderful. It was the best Italian food I have ever had outside of Italy. The staff are helpful and provide great recommendations. The specials were interesting and completely delicious. I can't wait to taste the rest of the menu! We will definitely be back and would recommend to anyone.

- James MacDonald - 05-06-2018

Authentic proper italian good. Lovely historic building. Soup was amazingly good and satisfying.

- Nettie Pollard - 15-07-2017