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Culzean Castle & Country Park

Situated on the south Ayrshire coast, just off the A710, Culzean Castle is one of Scotland’s most beloved historic sites. Its 600 acre estate was once home to Sir Thomas Kennedy, brother to the 4th earl of Cassillis, who inherited the castle back in 1569. From there on the castle was enlarged and developed, with the 17th century terraces and gardens expanded for the family who lived there. Late in the 18th century it became the neoclassical wonder it now is, as the Kennedy family strove to make a statement about their wealth and heritage. Today, enjoy roaming around its many rooms, where you can observe traditional weapons in the armoury and ancient books in the spectacular library. A number of fine paintings, ornaments and furnishings can be found throughout the castle’s interior, and each room is kept pristine to reveal stories about its history and inhabitants. The castle welcomes members of The National Trust for Scotland, as well as local people and holiday-makers, to enjoy a variety of fun events and activities throughout the year. In the summer months, enjoy the castle’s gardens and visitor centre; in the winter, tuck into a hearty meal at the on-site restaurant.

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One of the most impressive castles in Scotland. Perfect destination for a one day trip. This place is beautiful, the gardens are well-maintained. There's a fantastic wooden playground and an adventure park. We had the best muffin at the Aviary, spotted many wild animals around the estate.

- Shelly K - 10-11-2020

Visited Culzean Castle as a young boy at primary school and several times since. It is absolutely magnificent. A great place to explore and to learn. 10 out of 10. A must see.

- Stuart Todd - 07-10-2016