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dinburgh’s one of those cities that, even if you’ve never been there, you feel
like you know it. You don’t know that unforgettable yeasty brewery aroma
till it hits you, upon alighting at Haymarket, any more than you know what
the roar sounds like as the teams emerge into the cauldron of Murrayfield
on matchday. You may have yet to experience the hubbub that infuses Leith
Walk’s boozers when the Hibees are at home, and have no idea how loud the skirl of the
pipes on the Royal Mile can be, but you can imagine. Take that, add a swirly breeze and
a cherry on top and you can perhaps begin to envisage the seductive, moreish beast that
is Edinburgh.
Everyone’s experience of a major city differs. All that can be said for certain is that your
first time in Auld Reekie, as it’s affectionately known, certainly won’t be your last, and
that you’ll recall snippets of that maiden experience for a long time to come. Snippets
of conversation overheard while passing American tourists in impossibly narrow closes;
the scent of baked potatoes wafting down Cockburn Place; the outlines of hikers, spiking
the summit of Arthur’s Seat in the distance. Whether you’re the walker or the watcher,
the American tourist or the curious passerby, you’ll forge your own unique memories of
Scotland’s capital has many faces, from tourist mecca to financial centre.
Catching the best bits while skipping the more forgettable parts
calls for years of local knowledge or, failing that, a guidebook
that can serve as your local expert. Say hello to The
Entertainment Guide. For years the guide has been
curating the best bits of Scotland’s capital; restaurants
that go the extra (royal) mile; shops that provide
service with a smile; hotels that invite you to make
yourself at home and actually mean it.
If you’re spending a few days in the capital – or
are a new arrival, here for the long-haul – The
Entertainment Guide is indispensable. Just flick
to the relevant section and peruse our pick of
the best in class: cosy cafes that smell of ground
arabica and freshly baked bread; bijou boutiques
where you could browse for days were there not
friends to meet, lunch to prep and trams to catch.
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